It's no secret that I see your penis as completely WORTHLESS. If it were up to me I would sterilize most of you by beating your balls so much you could never reproduce. I want you to have a few things out before starting the clip : a spatula or wooden spoon, a tight rubber band or hair tie and a nice clenched hand ready to punch.

Cruel Cock Punishment and CEI
So, you wanted to date the "bad girl" in school. I'm not like those other girls. There's no way I'll be submissive to you.
If anything, I make you My bitch. I get My way through manipulation. I fuck your world up and get what I want. I'm a spoiled brat and you treat Me like a fucking Princess. Oh, you wish you could spank this soft little white ass.

Mean Schoolgirl Makes You Her Bitch CEI
You're so horny for me, and I know a freak like you has a pocket pussy laying around so I want you to get it and fuck it for me! I walk your pathetic self through fucking your fake pussy and count you down until you blow a big load and lap it up after!

Eat cum out of your fleshlight for me
That feeling you're experiencing when I fuck and you don't...yes, that one. You feel left out, don't you. Left out of the fun, the bliss, the pleasure, the vulnerability. That feeling when I'll eagerly share my pussy with whomever I like but never you...phew. Ouch. Humiliating. I have the perfect remedy for that left-out-feeling you're experiencing. If you use your imagination with my guidance, it'll be as if you're actually there. Stroke for me. Stroke to the cum of a man better than you.

Left Out
You are OBSESSED with pussy. It fills every waking though and haunts your dreams. You cannot get enough if it. Even more, you cannot stop yourself from jerking to the thought of it. You are out of control and something needs to be done. This is why I have decided to lock your cock away.

Caged Cuck Pussy Worship And CEI
There’s something I’ve always wanted to do with a loser boy who’ll do anything for me. Since I’m so hot, you’ll do whatever I tell you, even if it’s totally degrading. That makes you the perfect little toy for me. Such a shame you’ve fallen for a woman who loves to embarrass you.

Ruin It and Rub Your Face in It
Today your name will be Sissy Molly. I’ve setup a threesome for us today. Me, you, and a man with a big cock. But, I have to warm you up since he doesn’t like to watch a sissy cum. He just wants to use you for your holes.

Sissy Slut Warmup