...spreading it in your face....

Ass Worshiping For Losers
Now swallow your pride and start swallowing that spunk, clean my boots!

My Cum Licking Boot Whore

Added: 2/14/19
That warm, white liquid that completely made up your manhood...

Good Boys Swallow

Added: 2/17/19
I found out that you secretly wish to be coerced into sucking cock.

 Cheerleader Missy Bullies You into Sucking Cock for Her
Do you remember what I did to you back in school...

How Missy Destroyed Your Confidence with Girls Forever
you are always coming back for your fill. you just love eating your cum for Me.

You Love Eating Cum For Me

Added: 4/3/19
Theres a good boy...everyone cleans their plate in my house!

Mates hot step mom CEI

Added: 3/11/19
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