Your mother... she makes you... Well, she always has. It's always been this way.

My Mother Makes Me Do It While Dads in the Next Room

Added: 10/15/19
You’ve never convinced yourself that cum will actually taste good?

Turning You Into A Cum Eater

Added: 11/15/19
You probably think the idea of swallowing big, sticky loads of cum is disgusting but soon enough your mind will be changed.

The Slut Maker
Don't worry the cum won't go to waste !!!

Premature Ejaculating CEI cage Pet
I will let you jerk off looking at my lacey white panties only if you eat all of the hot cum you pump out of your cock.

Eat your own Cum
You've always got cum on the brain, don't you?

Cum Eating Addict for Me

Added: 10/19/19
you WILL be eating ALL that beta male cum of yours.

Jerk to my boots & eat your cum
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