Get on your knees, slave. You are going to become completely obsessed with me. This is a CEI video. In this video, I am talking and describing the scenario in which you are desperate to serve and please your Goddess, but you don't know how. Luckily, I have some training in store for you.

Condom Slave Training CEI
Already being a current employee, you noticed I had a positon available to be my personal assistant, so you decided to apply. I call you into my office to discuss this with you, as well as another matter. You see, one of my other employees happened to see you coming out of my office last night, and everyone knows that my office is off limits when I'm not here.

Office Bitch
You've been waiting for this moment for as long as you can remember, the opportunity to finally taste Alpha Male cum from a cock that's been in my tight pussy. Lucky for you I went on a date last night and afterward got fucked. Hard. I was feeling generous and know you're a slut for cum so I made sure to save every last drop in a condom and tell you all about my date and how you're going to finally get your wish fulfilled.

Condom Cuck CEI
You know what time it is cum slut. You can’t resist wanting to slurp down your load for me with my ass on the screen. My ass makes you so horny you must stroke to it. And then you are primed and ready for me to tell you to eat your own cum. You aren’t ashamed…you gladly will slurp down every single glob of cum with my ass shaking in your face. I don’t have a lot of time today so quickly eat that cum for me slut.

Ass CEI Quickie
It's no secret that I see your penis as completely WORTHLESS. If it were up to me I would sterilize most of you by beating your balls so much you could never reproduce. I want you to have a few things out before starting the clip : a spatula or wooden spoon, a tight rubber band or hair tie and a nice clenched hand ready to punch.

Cruel Cock Punishment and CEI
So, you wanted to date the "bad girl" in school. I'm not like those other girls. There's no way I'll be submissive to you.
If anything, I make you My bitch. I get My way through manipulation. I fuck your world up and get what I want. I'm a spoiled brat and you treat Me like a fucking Princess. Oh, you wish you could spank this soft little white ass.

Mean Schoolgirl Makes You Her Bitch CEI
You're so horny for me, and I know a freak like you has a pocket pussy laying around so I want you to get it and fuck it for me! I walk your pathetic self through fucking your fake pussy and count you down until you blow a big load and lap it up after!

Eat cum out of your fleshlight for me
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