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I get home from class and change out of my school uniform to some workout clothes. I start working out, doing rows, abs.. before I catch you spying on me! What the hell?

Sis Catches you Spying
I’ve thought of a new way to destroy your ego even more than before. I’ve never made you losers do this before. It’s going to make you really appreciate what a loser you are and why women aren’t interested in you. I would be embarrassed even to have you as a friend, so I want you to understand how far out of my league you are, and this is the perfect way.

Miss Alika White - Ego Destroying JOI
I think my choice of wardrobe makes it pretty clear that I am going to use someone for some pleasure time ;-)

Joanna Jet - Pleasure Time
Personalised JOI - Jerk off and eat your cum

Peachy Skye - Personalised JOI - Jerk off and eat your cum
Join me for some joi and let me empty your balls of cum....

Zaramae - Join Me For A JOI
I am so bored during this quarantine that I am starting to come up with evil ways to entertain myself.You will be given a task and once you complete it you will kneel next to the bed that she's dozed off in and stroke your cock like never before!

Exquisite Goddess - Evil Home Wreck
Mistress Brittany Andrews is a vision of perfection with her long blond hair, giant tits, red lips & latex catsuit. Go ahead and slowly stroke yourself while starring at her juicy tits, I dare you. The real challenge will be following instruction and keeping your cock on edge without blowing your load too early.

Busty Brittany Andrews
I want you to jerk it for Me today. Yeah, I know how much you love to jack off for Me. But I want you to make sure you're jerking HARD and FAST. Do you understand? Good. Follow along like a good boy and see where this clip will take you...

Princess Lexie - Hard and Fast JOI
Includes: Cum Countdown, Finger Licking/Sucking, Lip Fetish, Ass Spanks, Oil, Detailed JOI, Edging, Mutual Masturbation, Tease and Denial, Orgasm Denial, Multiple Angles, Goddess Worship.

Valkyrie Orgasm Denial JOI
I show off the lingerie I picked out for you and tell you what I want for Valentines Day. I want you to obey me and do what I say. I tease you while I give you lots of instructions. Your cock is going to explode for me, I want it all.

Valentines JOI