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Your Mistress has changed you in the last few month. You started off as a curious straight guy, who only wanted to be humiliated a little. But session by session, your Mistress gave you more and more deranged tasks, she degraded you and turned you into a pathetic creature, who can only jerk while he is humiliated by a beautiful Mistress.

You will eat your sperm today,and I'll whore you out, beta.Femdom JOI,CEI
Show me how weak you can get for me, for my extraordinary designer black leather boots. See my chrome heel? Put it in your mouth like a good boy. Be my boot slut, indulge my boot fetish. I want you to continue stroking...

Black Leather Boots
Wouldn't you like to try something new? Maybe we need to go to the bar and live a little. Lets go find a nice young hot stud to fuck me! You have always wanted to see me fucked by another man, haven't you? A young rough strong cock?

Cuck Fantasy
I really think it's hot when you do whatever I ask you to do. I think it's so fun dressing up in sexy outfits that make your dick get so hard. I know exactly how mailable you really are when you are all horny. You know I want you to follow along as I tell you how fast, hard, slow, soft to stroke your dick for me. If you really want to go deep for me you'll eat your load for me. Oh, come on! You know you are a cumslut. MY CUMSLUT. Eat it for me. You know you can't say no to me.

SerephDoll - Eat It For Me
You are so turned on by the idea of eating, tasting, licking and swallowing your own cum... so much so, you orgasm so hard! Then, when it comes time to actually eat your cum, you pussy out! That is completely unacceptable. This behavior simply cannot continue so it is time for Me to step in and ensure that, this time, you really will follow through and eat it.

CEI for Pussies #2
I'm going to be **** honest about your dick. I'm looking at your pictures. It's so small. If you were a real man, you could have a hot chick like me. You aren't one of those guys. Life is different for you. You have a clit-dick. It's so small it's a clit. I'm not going to be nice, but you get a nice sheer bodysuit to look at while I humiliate you into a little nothing. Worth it. SO much humiliation. You need to face it. Take it in. I'm being completely honest. I'll tell you what a real man is and does.

Brutal SPH - Ultra Tease - CEI
Riley Cyriis knows your little secret. You like girls made up like cute creatures, don't you? No need to answer, she's already made herself up for you as a faun. If you're well-behaved and listen very closely, maybe she'll make you a creature as well.

Young faun knows your secret