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Cum Eating Lesson with Kayla Paige

Kayla Paige is going to teach you all you need to know about eating your cum and how to love it. You will learn to love the taste of your jizz, so get ready. Get that cock out and start to stroke it. Make it nice and hard and work up a huge load for yourself. Don’t worry, though. Everything that you need to work out a big, sticky load will be given to you by Kayla. She will encourage you in ways that only Kayla can. Her big titties will prove to be inspiration. As she sits on the couch, you notice her shiny black boots. You hear the lather creak beneath her each time she moves. You are further coaxed closer to orgasm when she asks you to imagine fucking her tight pussy or maybe sucking her boot heels. Yes, her boot heels. Kayla would definitely let you suck her heels. She knows how close you are getting, so she puts her ass high in the air to further entice you to cum. Finally she gives you permission to cum into your hand. Make sure that your other hand is ready to catch every drip of protein ready to burst out of your dick. That’s right. Fill up that hand of yours and get ready for dinner. Bring your hand up to your face and lick up every drop. Hurry up! You don’t want to eat cold cum, do you?

Cum Eating Lesson with Kayla Paige
Cum Eating Lesson with Kayla Paige


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