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CEI training

oday we begin your journey and training to be the best cum guzzling faggot. This is the only way to insure that you will ever be a usefull cuckold for me. Eventually you will prove worthy of taking my mans cock into your mouth. In this 3 part video I will train you like I have trained my other slaves to crave cum. Crave cum more than anything else. To beg to serve me and my lovers. this is your ultimate fantasy? Tell me why you want to eat your cum? its because you want to please and impress me? feel some worth? that its been a long time if any time since you had real sex? being a cuck for me, whether is watching me get fucked, you slurping cum or sucking dick, it will be the best sex you ever had.

Price: $18.99 USD

CEI training
CEI training



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