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Cum Eating While You Cum

Are you ready to cum for me? Not so fast. I need a whole load built up for me already. Saved in an ice cube or a shot glass. Yes, a previous ejaculation. Saved up, sitting next to you. So you'll do what I say. Getting ready to eat cum while you cum. I know you can't help it. You just LOVE eating your own cum for me. This will ease you into it, just slightly different than usual. You'll do it because you're a loser. You know that right? I control Losers like you. I make you stroke as you watch my sexy body. I'll tell you when to stroke, edge and continue again. Stare at me loser. Focus and do everything that I say. You'll do anything for me, won't you?! hehehe. Praise my name and stroke your cock. Eat the cum WHILE you cum. It's a sure way to do it this time.
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Cum Eating While You Cum
Cum Eating While You Cum



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