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I Bet I Can Make You Eat It

Wanna take Me up on this bet? If I can make you eat it, you owe Me $100. BUT if you resist, then you get an awesome orgasm out of it. Seems pretty fair to Me. I mean, you're a strong willed guy so I doubt a little brat like Me could trip you into eating it. But, maybe, if I tempt you with something super special you just might swallow your load. How about this? If you swallow your cum, I'll flash you My perfect little tits! Ohhh, that caught your attention, huh? Okay, go ahead and swallow. Good boy, now get ready to see My perfect, perky, tits!
HAHAHAHA YEAH RIGHT!! Like, I would ever flash a loser like you! you're so fucking gullible. I ALWAYS WIN!

Added: 3/13/18

I Bet I Can Make You Eat It
I Bet I Can Make You Eat It



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