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be my good submissive Wanker..

Be My Wanker&CEI&JOi
Making sure to eat all the cum from your face after each ruined orgasm.

Part 2: The 'Cure' - Tricked Into Ruining It On Your Face
you feel the humiliation of eating all your cum.

Mesmerize Curse 1: Ruin It And Eat It Over And Over Again
You love when i tease you with my body telling you how, when, and where. Get a glass ready.

I like making boys do things they wouldn’t normally do, and my favorite thing is to make them eat their own cum.

Lap It Up
My dirty little cum slut needs to clean up the mess that you made.

Extreme Dirty Talk With CEI
My cleavage will have you dripping and eager to swallow your load.

Count Your Strokes