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Stroke to the thought of shooting hot, stick ropes of cum all over my body and then licking them up.

Sensual Cum Eating Encouragement
Oh you're gonna make him lick your thick manly cum off of his...

My Hubby Will Be Humiliated

Added: 3/10/20
I want that glob of wet cum sliding down your throat to Me.

Stroke and Swallow

Added: 3/6/20
You’re going to lick up every last drop.

 Horny Cum-Eater Training
Come on jerk pig, make a nasty mess like you always do...

March of the JerkPigs

Added: 3/1/20
Practice makes perfect. Hand on the dick and mouth open slut! You've got some dirty work to do.

Suck & Stroke
you'll cum when I tell you to and slurp up every last drop.

It's a Date CEI