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But I have a special surprise for guys like you with small cocks - you're going to eat your cum for me.

Disappointing Your Crush
Are you worried that sucking cock will make you a faggot?

Be A Whore For Me
I give you is balanced out with the sacrifice of eating your cum.

You Will Obey
I wanted to give you a little gift, so you can show Me how much you really love Me... and how happy you are with our new arrangement.

The Wedding Present (Cuckold)
listen to my instructions you little cum slut.

CEI Cum Sandwich
.. down to the last drop.

Gobble Gobble IT ALL

Added: 11/12/19
But it wont be as fun as you might think because the moment you are about to cum, you will ruin it ...and still eat it.

Eat Your Ruined Load

Added: 10/29/19