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I’m gonna define your cum eating sex life exactly. No more acting normal the next day, haha! Cum Eating shame is your sexual preference. I want you to be mortified. Admit you want to be my cum eating cuckold servant!

Cum Eating Life
Already being a current employee, you noticed I had a positon available to be my personal assistant, so you decided to apply. I call you into my office to discuss this with you, as well as another matter. You see, one of my other employees happened to see you coming out of my office last night, and everyone knows that my office is off limits when I'm not here.

Office Bitch
Me and Jessica Starling are so hot while we humiliate you and tease you with our perfect bodies. You love sitting behind a screen fucking your fingertips to bratty hot girls who don't want you and who better then two Pornstar goddesses? You're lucky day!

Sabina & Jessica Humiliate you JOI CEI
This video is as much an assignment as it is cum eating encouragement. You'll need bread, your favorite nut butter, and of course your "man jelly" for this one! Are you ready to do something wild that you've probably NEVER done before?

Guess what I heard? Your best friend fucked your girlfriend, but since he's so much hotter and better than you I'm not surprised. In fact, no one is and we allllll know about it! It even gets you horny doesn't it? Knowing he's fucking her while you're stuck her jerking off to me telling you how much better he is. I'm going to let you cum....but losers like you only get to do that when they swallow every drop after. Eat up, cuck!

Cucked by best bud, all you get is cum
I have plenty of names for you. Loser, beta, worthless worm, bitch, desperate whore, I mean the list goes on and on. But I feel like it's time I add a new one. Cumslut. It has a nice ring to it. You've thought about crossing this bridge so many times, well tonight you're doing it. It'll be easy, just buy this clip and watch how convincing I can be.

Versona - First Time CEI
We're about to head out our friend's costume party and I'm going all out for the occasion. Tonight, I am going to be a fox! Well, I've always been foxy, but this time I'm making it literal! There's just one problem. You think my outfit might be a little bit too revealing. You ask me if I could put something a little more conservative on, but I resist.

Foxy Lady CEI Staring Contest