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My innocent appearance and my sense of humor might actually fool you into thinking that I'm a nice person.

Special Recipe
And today we're going to start practicing with your own cum. Cum is cum, it doesn't matter, you need to get used to the taste of jizz.

Small Penis Virgins Were Born To Become Cum Eating Cuckolds
You're obsessed with your cock, you're addicted to jerking off and you're in love with your own cum.

Self Absorbed CEI
A game where I flip the coin.Which will it be today?

Mesmerized into Cum Eating
Most CEI clips implicitly involve an element of choice. A countdown, or maybe a few, culminating in one big moment of cum slut truth, where you have to either take the plunge or duck out. This makes it all too easy to resist at the final second. But this clip isn't like most CEI clips.

Lose Control CEI

Added: 5/26/19
Open wide, loser, because on the count of 10 you're going to shoot your own load into you mouth and swallow every last drop.

Sporty Girl Makes Loser Eat It JOI CEI
If I allow you to cum, you will be commanded to eat all your load

BBW FemDom JOI CEI w ruined orgasm