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I know you'd rather hear ME do you a countdown so you can swallow your own cum right

CEI - For Cuckold Loser - RipOff
Today, let's take it up a notch. Sydney wants you to use your flesh light again, but today, she expects you to also eat your cum for her.

Don't expect a cum countdown. Don't expect mercy.

Sexually Rejected For Life
If you’re a really good boy, I’ll even let you cum on my panties and lick it all up!

Cum On My Panties
Get ready to pump your pathetic dick for me, and eat your loser load!

Loser Fountain
Even if you wanted to say no to me, you couldn't, so why bother? Eat it up bitch.

You Can't Say No
A precum feast for you. No orgasm allowed, of course.

Findom Addict Precum Feast