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If you follow my instructions and don't cum too soon then a special tasty treat is waiting just for you.

All About Ass
Now when you jack off for me, I'll tell you exactly what you get to do with that big hot load...

Forced Bi - Gay Porn Jerk Off Instruction
I count down from 5 and when I hit zero, you are to catch every last drop of cum on your plate.

JOI & CEI With A Twist
Let me explain your reality again: Jerk off for my ass and eat your cum for me.

Sexy American Ass Manipulatio
You still havent eaten your cum, even after all the CEI clips you buy, even after telling me how bad you want to be mine. You fantasize about me feeding it to you, but just cant do it yet!

Cumboy Promise
I'm going to change all that. I believe you will eat your cum with my help!

It's time to thaw it out and discover what I have planned for you and your cup of cum.

7 Days Later