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Sexually Confused 3 tits and dick for fag
Hey loser, I have a new rule for you.

Losers Have to Swallow
Gargle up that cum boys. That's an order!

So You Think Youre Straight
you WILL be eating ALL that beta male cum of yours.

Jerk to my boots & eat your cum
I will tease you and you will cum inside taht half full glass. You wont even feel the taste of your spunk but you will know that you did it.

Your First CEI - You Will Love It!

Added: 9/9/19
And remember, no matter how much spunk your pathetic pud produces, you're going to have to lick that hand clean.

That Little Jerk Is Back
I'll let you decide the sugary beverage... but there is something you're gonna have to do before you get to enjoy it...

Loser Latte