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A goddess’s pussy isn’t for a loser like you. That’s why you’re cock is locked up and the only time you’re allowed near my pussy is to clean up another man’s cum.

Miss Alika White - Cum-licking Cuckold’s Chastity Humiliation
You will stare into my eyes while I order you to stroke and eat your cum. You are MY cumslut and I will tease you with my big tits.. Do you think you can focus on only my eyes? We'll see... this will be a fun little game.

Goddess Amanda - Eye Contact CEI Game
On the first day of Christmas, my Goddess gave to me...
Happy holidays, slave boys! I have 12 gifts for you. Instructions, actually, but you know that orders from Goddess are a precious blessing.
On day 1, you'll complete the first set of instructions and stop the video there. On day 2, you'll complete the first and second sets, and so on, until you do all 12 tasks on the twelfth day.

Eva de Vil - 12 Tasks of Christmas
You want to fuck me but no you can't! But you can do something else for me you can be my sissy slut. I will dress you up just like me your goddess and make you look like the ultimate sissy slut. During my slut training I plan to make you suck and fuck all the guys trying to get into my pants. You know you want to eat their cum for me ( cum eating instruction CEI ) and feel their hot loads on your ass. I want you to jerk your pathetic cock off for me and when you cum I want you to cum all over your face slut.

CuckoldingMILF - Be My Sissy Slut JOI CEI
You are such a good boy.. I make you eat your own cum, I tease you about it during the whole video.. then I make you flip your legs up and I do a cumcountdown and I make you cum inside your own mouth..

Whether it’s slurping down your own jizzy load or that of another man’s, I know how much you crave to have semen in your mouth. I want you to practice your sucking skills today as I believe that’s the best way to receive a load of cum, right from the tap spurting down your throat. If you can’t suck a real dick and get a fresh load, suck a dildo and collect your own juice for another fun way to enjoy it. I’ll instruct you on what to do and help you become an even better cum guzzler!

Talia Tate - Cum Guzzling Encouragement
Lucky you. Not only do you get the chance to worship and drool over me, you also get to be verbally and physically degraded too! You're going to make an embarrassment out of yourself today. Not too different from most days, right?

Robin Mae - Cum On Yourself