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Well if you want to cum it's going to cost your dignity and your ego.

Spout A Loser Fountain On Your Face

Added: 3/12/19
That's right; all of My obedient little slaves swallow their cum for Me.

My Slaves Swallow
Вы сказали мне, чтобы я не кончал в течение нескольких дней и держал мою самую большую пробку под рукой, чтобы я мог вас порадовать и развлечь.

Plugged and covered in cum
Then you'll be finishing it all off with a nice CEI.

FleshLight Fuck and CEI
I want you to be HUNGRY for it, I want you to show me that you can slurp that cum.

Progressive CEI Training 4 - Lap It Up

Added: 2/18/19
Have you eaten your cum yet? Have you followed my instructions and disposed of your little worship puddles for me?

Double Cum Consumption