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You can't help but risk it, you're addicted to stroking to Me. I will have you under My control with My big ass making you stroke in the most dangerous way. She just doesn't compare to Me and we both know it. That's why you'll risk it all. You are such a naughty man and I am going to make you be even naughtier. You need to bust on My count and I know you will! I have an even more wicked way for you to blow it! Time to try it, your heart is pounding for Me!

Goddess Gracie Haze - Cum Next to Her
I want you to cum in your hand and lick it up for me..

NicoleBelle - CEI - Cum in your hand and lick it up
Get on your knees and behold a sexy and seductive Natalie Mars dressed head to toe in shiny latex.

Natalie Mars - Natalie in Latex
New to CEI? This virtual course is for you! Jackie guides you through the basics of cum eating.

Jackie Jupiter - Intro To CEI
I'm going to take control and train you up to be a good little cum slut for me. There are 6 stages to this training and at each stage I will make you go further and further for me.

Miss Alika White - Cum Slut Training: Stage 2
I put together this little test to assure you’ll be the best cum guzzling slut you can be for me. Look at you, you like the sound of that, dont you, little pervert?

Goddess Alessa - Cum Guzzling Cuck
In my opinion, as your counselor, you’re a sissy with a secret desire to be dominated by a beautiful woman.
These thoughts of feminization have really been tormenting you. Perhaps it’s time to accept them.
I’m prescribing you pink panties, butt plugs and cum eating. I insist. It’s for your own good. Really, I insist.
Stroke your clit for me now. I want you plugged and pantied in every session from now on. It’ll be our little secret. If you cum for me now, that means you accept my diagnosis and you must lick up all your squirt.

Eva de Vil - Diagnosis Sissy