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I have the power to make your cum taste delicious, to turn the act of CUM eating into a devotional, deeply pleasurable act....

CEI Just The Way you Like It

Added: 5/16/19
You're going to show me how desperate you are to please me. Do whatever I ask of you.


Added: 9/1/19
I want to display my control over you and have you feeling your defeat spray all over your face. There's no choice in this matter for you, I will make sure it's inescapable.

Cum On Your Face
So Cum on My Panties and Lick Up Your Mess!

Cum on My Panties & Lick Up Your Mess

Added: 8/26/19
It’s time to turn you into the little cumslut you were destined to be.

CEI - It's Time To Get Serious
You are a sick little jerkoff. You want me to force you to eat your cum

The Loser Circle of Life

Added: 8/5/19
Sluts like you just LOVE to guzzle your own cum.

Red Bikini JOI CEI for Cum Sluts