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My jerk motions are triggering a cum eating obsession. Soon you find yourself programmed to slurp from your palm.

Psychedelic Cum Eating Programming
At the end, I demand you drink your cum from a glass like a pathetic little bitch!

Eat your cum for Princess Candy Glitter
As a virgin you'll never get to experience sex, you'll never cum in a pussy and no girl will ever eat your cum. So I think you should eat your own cum, that's what virgin losers like you deserve. You are going to eat your own cum for me as my virgin slave.

Eat Your Cum All Alone In Your Bedroom You Lonely Virgin Loser

Added: 1/16/19
My favorite way to make you eat your own cum is ending where your legs are up and your hard throbbing cock is aimed right at your face.

Legs Up Challenge
Faster... Faster. Get that mouth open and be prepared to eat it.

Being My dirty Bitch
Hey cum slut! Ready for a night of fun?

CEI MEGAPack Games: Not Once But 3 Times
If you're willing to truly accept that you're sexually inadequate, than we could move even further into an agreement.

Encouraging You To Stroke Your Inadequate Penis