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That's not all... they also need you to take out your thick cock and jerk it to their dirty feet! Four filthy soles lined up for your mouth--you're going to be one very busy boy.

Suck the Sweat from Our Feet
Well, Well… Here you are for another cum dumpster party! LOL!

Cum Dumpster Party Receptacle
You've been wanting to eat your cum for a while now, huh? well now you're going to do it! See...

Swallowing is YOUR BEST Option CEI

Added: 4/15/18
I wonder what sorts of nasty little-perverted things I can get you to do for your sister. Let's find out, little brother...


Added: 8/28/18
Look at you… stroking it in front of your mom, wearing your own mother’s lingerie… and you’re so hard.

Do You Really Want to Fuck Your Mother?

Added: 4/24/18
At the end I give you a countdown and tell you to cum in your hand...and lick it up for me

JOI and CEI for Your Tiny Dick SPH
You're a guy with a cum eating fetish, who can't eat his cum. How pathetic is that?!

Ruined So You Can Eat It

Added: 6/23/18