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You've got to stop doing this to yourself - buying cum eating instruction clips and then jerking off all over your stomach or into a tissue. I mean, what's the fucking point?

Just Try It CEI
You’re going to be COVERED in cum for me today, like a good sissy bitch!

Sissy Flip Facial (CEI)

Added: 3/2/19
... you are a man and can take your own load first!

CEI for the Entitled Date
You should know by now that good boys SWALLOW. You should also know that dirty, perverted boys like yourself take a direct HIT down the back of the throat. Under My instruction you will edge over and over until I trigger you to CUM, and when you do, you will aim your cock DIRECTLY to your mouth SHOOT that creamy gooey load straight into your desperate waiting, salivating mouth!

Unleashing The Cum Guzzler
I hope you're ready to swallow a lot of cum, sissy. Starting with your own...

Forced To Serve Superior Cock
I have a couple of filthy ideas fit for a dirty loser who doesn't know how to clean up properly...

Punishing the House Bitch

Added: 4/9/19
Repeat it, "I'm going to lick my own cum."

Edging You