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The little hand humping loser is back for some more abuse!

Hand Humping Loser
a better way than to spending your Quarantine, being humiliated by a young, hot, British Brat?

The Ultimate Virgin Loser Humiliation
I think its time for you to show appreciation for your Mistress and clean up after yourself.

CEI from your Mistress
You must carry out your duty and slurp up the amazing, royal treat that I’m generously f0rcing upon you.

 The Royal Milking: Slurp it up for Princess
You're going to be my good boy today and lick your precum for me.

PreCUM Licking good boy
And he's going to blow his load so deep down your throat that you're going to have to swallow his load.

Jerk Your Cock As You Go Shopping For Your First Cock On Grindr
It tastes good, you trust me after all...

A little encouragement