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Now, you know our agreement. You promised me you’d have several loads of your own cum saved up… at least five.

Youve Saved It up for Me; Now Im Going to Treat You to a Humiliating Cum Guzzling Session
You are hungry today aren't you? You are craving the taste of your own cum, but you need my help.

Cum Eating Instruction Jerk off Instruction Ass Worship Goddess Green Eyed Can Make You Eat Your Own Cum
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Interactive Cum Lolly For Faggot
This is my first ever cum eating instructions video! By the end of this video you will be savoring and enjoying your own delicious cum.

You you've always been curious about tasting your own cum but perhaps you haven't been able to do it yet.

Edging Self Facial
Still in denial about being a cocksucker?

Cocksucker in Denial Humiliation
You're going to jerk your dick like normal to my body waiting for my countdown. That's when you'll know if you're going to cum like normal, eat it, or ruin it!