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Everyone is sitting around the table eating delicious turkey or ham. All the while are going to be eating something else...

Holiday Meal CEI
Your Goddess is ready for you to start your next CEI session.

This is my first CEI and in it I shame you for your disgusting fetish and decide to make you try it out for yourself.

EX GF Makes You Eat Your Own Cum
Every drop of your cum is to be swallowed, understood?

CEI For Shiny
She squirts some more cum into her hand and licks it up.

Bust Your Nut in My Mouth

Added: 1/31/19
Prepare your favourite liquor, one delicious cookie and one load of your cum.

Delicious Cookie for Tipsy Cum Eater
With all the different ways there are to make you eat your own cum... I figured I might as well make a five part series with my top five favorite ways to make you eat it.

Five Different CEI's Part 1