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This clip features Chloe and teaches a beta simp mutt how to come to terms with his revulsion to eating his cum or the cum from a boyfriend or even another beta.

Jerk Training for Cum Eating
Obey my feet cum slut.

Anything For Feet
Do you know what time it is? That's rigghhhtt: It's CUM EATING TIME!

Cum Eating Time

Added: 3/11/21
At the end you will tell me to cum in her mouth and then tell Jen to kiss me, feeding me all my own cum

Empowering your wife
And now.....last lesson for today!!! Taste of cum....first semen swallow!!! Open your mouth....

Will you get any man you want? I'm here to make you best male lover ever!
Mommy shows you how she milks her cock into condoms for you to eat from.

Mommy feeds you cum from her condoms
Completely humiliated and the ultimate task for you to do is eat your own cum.


Added: 3/6/21