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I am going to take my sweet time with you..And make sure you learn a lesson in the meantime..

Corona Cum Patrol: Quarantine Cum Eating Instruction

Added: 4/9/20
To taste your slave slime, to feel it glide down your throat.

Slave Slime Eating Coercement
Another one of my favorite things to do is watch you shoot your load all over your face before you take your fingers and lick it all up!

Swallow it All
For her to keep quiet she wants you to cum like this and then eat it all up.

Pegged by Your Step-Daughter

Added: 5/1/20
id you ever think you’de wanna be my humiliated little cum eater???

Yet Here We Are
God, I can't imagine how humiliating it must be to swallow your own loser loads..

Cum is yummy
I order you to cum all over the messy panties, and then eat it all up. That's right, i want you lick up all the cum.

Cuckold Husband