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You know what I need? I need my pussy licked clean. I need you to take that amazing tongue of yours that makes me cum like no other and just hunker down between my legs & begin eating out my pussy. After I shake & quiver you'll know you've made me cum. I give you directions on how to eat my pussy like a pornstar. Then after I've cum I want my second orgasm to come from my lelo which is my best orgasm tool, it makes me explode so hard. So get to work & make me cum in everyday.

Eat My Pussy Until I Cum In Your Mouth
One of my favorite things to do is tease you with my curvy body. It won’t take long until your cock is rock hard and you’re willing to do anything I say. You know you could never get a woman like Me but just for now I’ll let you stare and drool with your hand on your pulsing cock. Another one of my favorite things to do is watch you shoot your load all over your face before you take your fingers and lick it all up!

Swallow it All
My sweet Will, just trying to go to a party, maybe get laid. I'm sure he wanted to run when he saw me. The girl he pays to tell him how to beat his meat is probably the last person he would prefer to see, except for maybe his boring girlfriend. But Will comes to me like a bee to honey- no matter how much I laugh at and tease him or who is around. His small soldier sticks straight up and salutes me like the goddess I am. That's why he was willing to pull it out in front of the entire room and stroke it to my instructions. Will is a bee to my honey and that's why he put his entire load in his mouth after he blew it.

Will's Irresistible Bitch
I'm glad you came in today to see me. I want to go over a new technique to face your issues today. You've had so many Therapy-Fantasy sessions, we have to try something new. I'm going to overload you with sensations. Just relax and do everything I say. I know these legs and high heels are your weakness. You cannot help but just give in to whatever command I say. Grab a cup, you'll need it soon...

Crossed Leg And High Heel Therapy-Fantasy CEI
It’s the BEST time of year - ChristinaMAS!!! I know you look forward to it every Christmas. You love to see me all decked out in holiday outfits and lingerie. Teasing your horny slave cock. Commanding it however I desire. A little tease, a little denial. A little pain and little pleasure. You never know what Goddess has in store! For Day 3 of ChristinaMAS we’re going to explore Santa’s lists. You want to make it on the good boy list this year right?

Santa's Little Helper: ChristinaMAS 3
You know how you always tell me you have a secret fetish of being Encouraged to suck cock for a strong powerful female? well I'm about to make that a reality. Not only will you be sucking cock for me but you will also be making me money.

My Money Making Cock Sucker
Girls don't want to blow you or fuck you. They don't want to swallow your load. If they won't, who will? You, of course. You're the ONLY one to do it. And do it, you MUST! If your spunk were to accidentally get out and impregnate someone, it'd be a disaster. So, man up and SLURP with glee! Ellie will even tell you how to jerk it in detail.