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I know you will eat your cum for me today,

Thursdays are for cum eating!

Added: 1/16/20
Ruin it and lick it up!

Ruined Dribble Foot Slave
you CUM you EAT you PAY and you LOOVE every single second, every single drop.

Eat Pay Love

Added: 1/2/20
You lick up every last drop, but it doesn't end there....

Goon Into CEI

Added: 2/22/20
Firstly, you can suck the outside of the condom, to taste my sweet pussy, and then, you can slurp up my real-man's cum.

Cucky Clean Up
I know you looove to swallow jizz for Me...so let's go the extra mile. First you need to collect 10 loads for Me like a good boy.

Overdose on CUM
I love watching guys lick up their own cum.

Addicted To Stink