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You want to eat your cum sooo bad but maybe you can't quite always go through with it...maybe you've NEVER done it! Well what could be hotter than TWO sexy girls encouraging you, hmm?

Eat Your Cum For Us - Sensual CEI

Added: 9/8/19
And when you get back... I want you to jerk off to me again... while your still wearing it... and when you cum.. you’re gonna eat it this time... cuz your my obedient little cum whore!

Cum covered titties, yours. So you Wanna Serve - Season 1 Episode 10
Only a Fucking Faggot will cum to this

Only a Faggot will cum to this
Slurp up every sticky drop at my command.

CEI Turns You Gay

Added: 8/3/19
Your cum has lots of protein and vitamins in it, so mommy is going to help you get your cum out of your cock and in to your mouth.

Eat Your Vitamins For Mommy CEI

Added: 8/11/19
I've always had a knack for picking out which guys are closet fags, who spend their days secretly fantasising about sucking cock and swallowing cum. Don't lie to me. Your guilty obsession is obvious to everyone.

First Time Faggot Training - Self Facial Finish

Added: 8/14/18
I pour the cum filled condom onto a plate and tell you to kiss my feet and then eat the real man’s cum.

Your new Mistress