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I want you to realize how submissive my ass makes you. You're going to taste the lust you have for me!

I want you to slurp that cum for Officer Rene, you naughty little boot addicted pervert--and don't you miss a drop!

Punished for Jerking to My Boots
Now I want you to clean off his cock and then lick his virile semen out of my asshole.

The Surprise Cuckold
Please me, make me proud. Eat your cum!

Please me, Eat Your Cum
I really want to draw this out so it's really humiliating for you.
So maybe I'll have you cum on a plate so you can take your time and lick up every last drop.

Stroke The Cage And Eat The Cum

Added: 7/1/18
I want you to eat your own come right out of my hands after I collect it fresh from your hot, young cock!

Will You Eat Your Own Cum to Please Your Big-Breasted Auntie?
It's something you've always struggled with, the thought of consuming your own slippery fluids after your inevitable orgasm.

No Choice CEI