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Well, I think I know one way to help you practice: eating your own load.

Gay Cum Guzzling Mind Fuck

Added: 5/17/19
I think there will be no backing out now faggot!

Guzzle, Guzzle, Guzzle
I will only allow you to finally cum if you cum on your own face for me, haha!

The Charlotte Show: Eat It
You're so turned on by my boots, you'll do ANYTHING to worship my boots even if it means eating your own cum!

Become my Boot Bitch

Added: 3/22/19
My desperate cum eater is back for more training and this time he wants to be humiliated.

Legs Overhead CEI

Added: 5/28/19
Goddess always has a plan for you. Today is no different. Even though you fear it you know what it is.

Virgin Tease & Torment: Be My Virgin Forever!

Added: 5/6/19
Goddess, make me love eating cum!” NO no NO. It should not taste good, it should be INTENSE and profound. Eating your cum is 1) a deterrent to cumming in the first place 2) a reminder of how inferior you are in the inside. My cum tastes DELICIOUS, your does not. There is a reason for that.

Just Before you CUM....