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I am the healthiest habit you could develop, and today you will be incorporating cum into your diet. Today's new “healthy habit” is adjusting what you consume. There are so many benefits from eating your own cum! You are going to find out how good for you it really is.

Goddess Gracie Haze - Cum Eating Diet - Healthy Habits Series
You’ve been stroking your tiny, addicted cock for me for hours, days, weeks, denying yourself to please me.
The Goon Calendar dictates your sex life and that means I dictate your sex life. Orders from me every day tell you what you have to do and whether or not you’re allowed to cum. You’re almost never allowed to cum.

Eva de Vil - Cum in Your Mouth
Your wife (my best friend) told me your little secret. Yeah, she told me how desperate you are to have a threesome with the two of us—and who can blame you?

Princess Lexie - The Threesome of your Dreams JOI
I’ve got some nice tight denim jeans on and My feet are a bit dingy from walking around barefoot down in the dungeon where I was messing with a little toy of Mine earlier….I know a perv like you would love to worship at My feet and feed on whatever scraps I give you. I’ll let you worship My ass today, but not before you do something for Me. You know I like my slaves to do certain things to prove the lengths they are willing to go for Me. You’ll do just as I say and then tell Me “Thank You Ms. Talia” no matter what I end up giving you.

Talia Tate - Eat It for Feet+Ass
I'm going to take control and train you up to be a good little cum slut for me. There are 6 stages to this training and at each stage I will make you go further and further for me.

Miss Alika White - Cum Slut Training: Stage 3
Another day, another cum eating challenge. Day TWO of your cumslut journey begins with buying this clip. Best watched right before bed. I want you drifting off with the taste of cum in your mouth and my body in your dreams. That's exactly what you're going to do. I highly recommend buying the previous clip, as the training will only work efficiently when you buy the entire series in order.

MavenMay - Cumslut Training Day 2
Yum yum…it’s time for cum! I look outstanding in my tight aqua workout ensemble, so naturally, you’re already hard in anticipation of a fire CEI session. Today you’ll devour your load for me again, thirsty as can be for jizz…pounding away to my perfection. At my countdown, you’ll clean up every drop, your mouth naturally being the receptacle of choice. Lucky you, cum guzzler!

Thirsty for Cum by Kerri King