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But he doesn’t get to cum in any old normal way. He’s going to have to cum all over his face.

Upside-down Cum Eating
The idea of eating your cum has become your new normal. You can't even have a jerk off session without it crossing your mind.

Surprise Swallow
You got your prep instructions last month so now here are the chastity/cum eating instructions you'll be following for each week this month.


Added: 10/4/20
Your body responds, but I want to further fuck your mind up.

Mind Cuck
Every time we session, I make him eat his cum while draining$ him dry.

CEI & FinDom Seduction On Cam
Youll be there to lick it all out of my pussy for me haha like a good little cuckold loser!

Always Cheating On Loser Cuckold
Lick up that spunk, loser!

Eat Your Cum for My PVC Ass