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Today we will make you feel like you are at the spa. You will jack off for me and you will cum at my commands. Cum into your hand, taste it and then you will put it on your face and keep it there for 10 minutes. It's going to be good for your face.

Sperm Face Mask
When you hired a maid service, you didn't expect them to send a maid who is so sexy! You stare at Jessica the maid with your mouth hanging open as she sweeps the floor... you want her to like you so you offer to help her.

Mean Maid POV
Like my other clips, this one will have you entranced within seconds. Your mind is to be cleared and your thoughts are now what I want them to be. Once I have you deeply inducted in my trance, you will get eager and excited to eat cum for me exactly the way I tell you too. Swallowing your cum will make you feel deeply connected to me, and you will eagerly await to do it again.

Cum Eating Mind Fuck
Your long-awaited new self facial cum eating instructions! Man, you CEI addicts have just been begging to have me help you blow a load in your own face. Maybe it's easier to have your cock pointing that cum where you can't escape it, for you rookies. Maybe it feels sluttier, and like someone else is pasting your face, for you experts.

CEI - Self-Facial
your name is dondre in this its used a handful of times. youre socially awkward and have such a tiny dick so ladies are repulsed by you, its not your fault so lets discuss what we can do! i discuss straight big dick cock worship, sph, cuckolding, and at the end i get a facial and you clean it off.

cock worship cei for incel
I know all about your disgusting masturbating to my clips. If you want to masturbate for me and watch me tease you then you have to agree to a few things. First, you are not only going to cum on your face at the end but, you are also going to keep your eyes wide open so the jizz gets all in them.

Losers Eat Cum for Goddess
True sluts love a face full of cum. True sluts lick up every single drop. I know you are a REAL slut, right? Not a fucking FRAUD. I sure hope so. Show me by shooting all over your face. Give yourself a facial and lick up EVERY single drop for me.

RosieReed - Face Full Of Cum