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Eating a little spurt of cum for My perfect ass isnt good enough anymore.

Full glass for My ass

Added: 7/7/19
I know what you’ve been wanting to do for a long time now. You’ve been wanting to eat your own cum

Sensual CEI
You see that condom full of jizz? Youre taking that to work with you today. Thats your lunch.

Jizz Packed Lunch
Close your eyes as you wrap your hand around that hard, excited cock. As you begin to slowly stroke, I want you to imagine a big load of cum shooting out of that cock. Where do you want that load to land?

No Way Out CEI
This isn’t just your regular cum eating video.

Not Just Any Cum Eating Video

Added: 6/9/19
You'd love to be allowed to cum for me wouldn't you? You'd love to blow out a loser-load while I verbally berate you and laugh at you so guess what - that's exactly what you're going to get.

Bratty Ruined Orgasm CEI
just know you'll suck and swallow each one!

Dicks Anonymous

Added: 6/29/19