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I will let you jerk off looking at my lacey white panties only if you eat all of the hot cum you pump out of your cock.

Eat your own Cum
You love my cock. You can never get enough of my superior cock. It's all you ever talk about.

Worship My Alpha Cock

I've seen how you look at Me. Your fantasies are controlling you. As your step mother, I must punish you for this behavior.

Mommy's Panty Boy
Drift off into jerk off heaven and associate pleasure with eating cum for me.

Cum Eating Conditioner

Added: 9/15/19
Because you’re a filthy little cum slut and can’t get enough of that warm, gooey, salty goodness, you’ll go to the ends of the world for more of that delicious spunk.

My Favorite Cum Dumpster
You want me to see you trying to please me by eating cum for me?

Teased Into Cock Addiction
You’re craving that late night snack that you love so much…

Your Late Night Snack CEI

Added: 9/24/19