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Your tea has a special ingredient... about 10 loads of cum from my prior guests.

Cum Eating Tea Party
Follow My instructions closely...

Deeper for My Feet
Can you handle the humiliation of eating your own cum in front of two hot Goddess' huh?

Slurp it All Up
Not ready to take the plunge to eat your own cum? That's fine. Just make the decision to grab this video.

CEI Prep
At the start of the clip you have to guess the color of my panties. If you're wrong you have to cum in your mouth.

There’s just one thing a man can do that drives us absolutely WILD. You and I could do it together tonight if you like.

Erotically Easing You into Your First-Time Cum Eating Experience
Once you cum in the loser position I show you, catching your cum with your mouth and swallowing it down Ill believe youre ready to be trained.

Gay Test