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Telling and encouraging you just how to jerk that cock and how good it is going to feel to eat that cum for US!

Seductive Sensual Cum Eating and Jerk Off Instruction
Guess there's only one thing to entertain me with a small dick.... to eat that cum for me

Cannot Satisfy Me

Added: 8/3/18
Take it or leave it--if you decide you can't bear to cum like I command, you won't EVER cum again!

Tiny Dicks Can Only Cum Like This
She makes me lay on my back and teases my cock till i shoot a huge load of cum into my own mouth.

Mommy's Friend Catches Me Wanking
Everyone knows that I love to train males, and one thing that I like a lot is to include everyday objects in their training as triggers that will make them constantly think of Me.

The banana trigger
Oh, you are something else. You claim NO woman has ever made you eat your own cum. You’ve never done it, never will. You’re such a stud.

Yes, I CAN Make You Eat Your Cum
So what should we do with all that spunk ready to erupt? You’ll have to cum directly in your mouth.

Cum Choke Facial

Added: 1/30/18