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The only time I ll let you near my pussy is when youre sucking his load out of it.

Cuckold Roommate
...spreading it in your face....

Ass Worshiping For Losers
I know you have the taste of your own cum, so be careful as you worship my body today.

Ruin It or Eat It
Now swallow your pride and start swallowing that spunk, clean my boots!

My Cum Licking Boot Whore

Added: 2/14/19
I know you are just as addicted to licking up your load as you are to stroking your dick. This clip is for all the cum sluts.

I'd like to have a Masturbation instruction with edging and cei. Please start the clip with telling me to have a shot glass ready.

Take Shots Of Cum From Ruined Orgasms
Go and get a plate and place it on your desk in front of you. Any cum that leaks from your tiny dicklet will have to be licked off that plate.

Edge And Ruin For Me