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You are so pathetic and weak that not only are you a cuck, but you struggle to produce enough seed to fulfill your own disgusting thirst. That’s ok though, I’m here to help you through this drought. I’m looking fresh and vibrant, and it’s because I just had amazing sex. Don’t worry, I brought you a little treat from my escapade.

Talia Tate - Cum Eating Cuckold
Whether it's your first time eating your cum, or you're a pro and you've eaten hundreds of your loads, today is the beginning of my 7 day cum eating challenge and the start of your journey to becoming a cum slut.

MavenMay - Cumslut Training Day 1
Look at my beautiful sheer dress. It’s got your thirsty for everything that’s beneath it. Like my ass. You think about my ass all the time. Day and night. You imagine yourself pressing a hand to my warm, luscious ass.

Goddess Alexandra Snow - Sheer Dress Ass Worship
I bet a cute little sissy panty boy like you has always wanted to suck a big hard girl dick like mine! Don't you wanna feel my hard cock filling your mouth? Well first, you have to do something for me, so grab your panties and anything you may want to fill your ass with! Because you have to follow my instructions and stroke your little clitty just how I tell you while I stroke along with you, and then make a big sticky cummy mess in those cute little panties you're wearing!

Demi Mundane - Sissy JOI, CEI, POV Cocksucking
What more do I have to say? You love slurping up that spunk of yours. You love hearing me encourage you to do it. You love being a little cum slut for me. Be a good boy and eat that cum, tell me you love it while you do it. Go ahead, show me what a excellent cum eater you are!

Bratty Bunny - You LOVE Cum Eating
I'm going to take control and train you up to be a good little cum slut for me. There are 6 stages to this training and at each stage I will make you go further and further for me.

Miss Alika White - Cum Slut Training: Stage 1
I found all of the gay porn on your computer... and all of the videos of you jerking off to it. I copied it all onto a thumb drive and now you're at my mercy. If you don't jerk off to more gay porn while I film you, I'll release everything I got off of your computer. Quite the predicament. After I film you cumming to gay porn and eating the cum I'll have even more to hold over your head. You're really, really fucked... and really really turned on by cock. This is what happens to slutty little closet fags like you.

Misswhip - Gay Porn Blackmail-Fantasy CEI Countdown