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You’re so horny aren’t you!? You’re always so horny. Never for her though. Always for Me! You’re just waiting for the moment that she leaves or she’s busy so you can sneak a jerk in. I don’t want you to wait though. I want you to stroke that hard cock for Me…

Risky Homewrecker JOI + CEI
Since I'm a substitute teacher, I'm really able to get away with a lot. Like punishing my students in whatever way I see fit. Today, instead of sending you to detention or giving you a bad grade, I decided I'd make you cum for Me instead. But as soon as you cum, you have to slurp up every drop of it.

Substitute Teacher CEI
You wanted someone to tell you the truth and not hold back, and here it is. I'm honest with you about your relationships, your dick size, and what I get from you.

Brutally Honest Humiliation and CEI
I tease you and tell you to jack off for me! Then I tell you to play with...your booty! Last but not least you have to cum when I count down and then eat it.....looks like someone has been very very naughty, haven't they.

Jack off and Cei
Betas eat their cum for Goddess. It's a fact. I'm putting you on a cum diet. It's full of protein, it's good for you. Melt for my shiny latex and eat it all, it's what you deserve, cum slut. Milk those balls dry and slurp it for me....

LatexBarbie - The Cum Diet
I really think it's hot when you do whatever I ask you to do. I think it's so fun dressing up in sexy outfits that make your dick get so hard. I know exactly how mailable you really are when you are all horny. You know I want you to follow along as I tell you how fast, hard, slow, soft to stroke your dick for me. If you really want to go deep for me you'll eat your load for me. Oh, come on! You know you are a cumslut. MY CUMSLUT. Eat it for me. You know you can't say no to me.

SerephDoll - Eat It For Me
You are so turned on by the idea of eating, tasting, licking and swallowing your own cum... so much so, you orgasm so hard! Then, when it comes time to actually eat your cum, you pussy out! That is completely unacceptable. This behavior simply cannot continue so it is time for Me to step in and ensure that, this time, you really will follow through and eat it.

CEI for Pussies #2