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I persuade you to lick your cum from your fingers

Game of Temptation
That’s right, I know about your secret fantasy that you’ve tried soooo hard to hide… you want to make a hot, sticky mess all over your own face!

Self-Facial Mindfuck
Everyone is searching for the cure, The only cure for this pandemic is me...

Coronavirus Cure - Cum Eating Instruction

Added: 3/20/20
you are so NOT my boyfriend anymore. From now on, you're going to be my little cuck.

You're Not My Bf Anymore
You will eat your cum for me...

Eat It or Else
you going to show me how it's done...

Show Me Who's Boss, Big Boy
She’s been laughing with her girlfriends about cuckolding you, making you eat cum and making you a sissy maid!

The Cuckold Facility