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Eat that pathetic cum to remind yourself just how much of a disappointment and how much of a loser you are.

You Taste Like Disappointment CEI
This clip goes out to all those males out there that think that it’s such a big fucking deal to eat your own cum. Are you kidding me?

It's Not That Bad CEI

Added: 5/18/18
Just a hint as to what you will be doing to be unlicked… You will be slurping up lots of cum!

Cruel Chastity Cum Game
This is a terrifying forced-bi predicament for any wimp to find himself in. I know you said you would NEVER eat another man's cum but when you say 'NEVER' I just see it as a challenge.

Eat Cum or Get Gang-fucked
Ive been waiting for you all day; I want you to do something for me, something really kinky. Now dont be shocked but I want you to eat your own cum for me.

Cum Eating Instruction
3 of the baddest Dommes have joined up and today you're going to amuse us by slurping down your own cum.

3 Domme CEI
And I know you will because I'm so fucking hot you'll do anything I tell you to. I want you to eat your own cum for me, just for me.

Lick Your Palm Clean Because I'm So Fucking Hot