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I've got something very special in store for you today, and from here on out, you'll be sure to have more respect!

Punishment By Step Mommy
You have always wanted to taste your cum, but you're too big of a coward to try in on your own.

Right In Your Mouth
So I send you off to get a shot glass, and as soon as you return you learn that you'll have to do just one more thing to please me before I countdown your release.

jerking off while I humiliate you for being a cum eating faggot

Clean Your Mouth For His Cock
Obedient pets eat their cum.

Wet Black Look
What you're gonna be having, is also up to me but trust me, there is no room for another juice drinker!

Party time! Drink the whole glass of it!

Added: 10/2/19
To pass every challenge and task I give you tonight for a chance to cum and eat it all up.

Your Pain is my Pleaure