Warning: this is a fully immersive and INTERACTIVE chastity slave training assignment and should not be undertaken by "casual" viewers. I have created a 3 month program utilizing chastity, tease, on-going assignments, and regular check-ins to rewire your brain.

Goddess Alexandra Snow - Interactive - 3 Month Chastity Mind Melt - With Visuals
Swallow or no orgasm for the next 3 days! If you are a good boy & eat every drop of your own cum, Dark Freya will reward you with pleasure. And to make the decision easier for you, she will give you a strong desire to eat your own cum.

Dark Freya - Eat your own cum MP3
Who’s my best edge slut?
A dozen of my most adventurous and curious submissives battle to be the last man standing in my pumping, pulsing, thrusting circle jerk competition.

Eva de Vil - Circle Jerk
You have the worst effort of being human. You have the loser effort. What is that? I'll explain your whole life to you and why you are a loser and will always stay a loser. You give loser effort, no matter how hard you try to be 'normal'.

Bratty Bunny - Loser Effort
youre a cum eater and you just cant be satisfied. you want more, need more. so you order a panty and have be fill it with me and my bulls cum! i start off teasing you then let my bull fuck me cleaning off my cream. lastly i bj and hj him until he cum all over the panty, again cleaning up so everything is soaked into the cotton black panty.

LilRedVelvet - CEI Taste Us
Roleplay discussing your face being right next to my dripping pussy as I am getting fucked by a real Alpha. Repeating “Yes Ma’am” as you pledge and worship to use your mouth as I see fit. Maybe even cleaning up my Alpha too. Be a weak beta for my swollen pussy.

Jessica Dynamic - Pussy Clean Up Beta
I'm sure you are familiar with the classic creme filled cookie that everyone loves. I have decided that you are going to have a special treat for dessert... Not only do you get to look at My beautiful body while stroking that cock, you are going to blow that load in a very special way for Me. I don't think you will ever be able to look at those cookies the same way again.

Goddess Gracie Haze - Cookies`n Cum