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Oh, you are just perfect for our sissy cheerleading squad! Look at you! A total dork. A dweeb. A small-dicked sissy loser, who jerks that little clit-stick every night at your computer. You are just the kind of awkward panty-waist we need to complete our squad! You see, we're going to entertain at the half time show of the next big football game in town, and we've decided to give ugly sissy perverts a chance to shine! Don't worry about your chubby little gut, or those sagging man-boobs, sissy cheer-leaders are not supposed to be attractive. Nope, you're not that kind of entertainment. Sissy cheerleaders are supposed to be funny. You're the comic relief! That's right, you're supposed to be laughed at. Always remember that.
So, why don't you get in your cheerleading uniform and pick up those pom poms, so we can practice your cheers? You're going to have to learn a lot of cheers sissy. Let's face it, you're not really that witty or funny, even if you're dressed in a skimpy little cheerleading uniform. Sure, it's laughable, but more in a sad and pathetic kind of way. No, what we need are some outright hilarious sissy cheers that you can yell at the top of your lungs while you prance around awkwardly in your high heels. Let's start with an easy one.

Sissy Cheer
Sissy Cheer

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