» » You Can Only Cum If You Eat It: Edging JOI CEI

You Can Only Cum If You Eat It: Edging JOI CEI

You're begging for me to let you jerk your cock. You say you've been good, obedient. I'll give you permission -- on one condition: if you cum, you have to eat ALL of it.
How BADLY do you want to cum for me?
I don't care if you've never done it before. I don't care if the idea scares you. I'm going to tell you how to stroke it, and I'm going to make you edge and edge and edge until you're on your knees and BEGGING to swallow your load.
I'm going to make you crave it. I'm going to make you plead for it.

Added: 5/22/18
Price: $14.99 USD

You Can Only Cum If You Eat It: Edging JOI CEI
You Can Only Cum If You Eat It: Edging JOI CEI



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