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Lick Your Palm Clean While I Laugh At You Loser

I'll bet you're curious to know what girls like me really think about guys who eat their cum. We think that only losers eat their cum, lol! And that's you isn't it? A cum loving loser. But we both knew that already. You just love hearing it. We both know the only reason you're here right now is because you want to jerk off to my hot body while I tell you to eat your cum. And I know you love to eat it because that's what losers do.
And you get off on being told to eat it, don't you? But that's not why you really eat it, you do it because losers love to eat their cum. So start jerking to me loser. I know you're already hard from hearing me tell you that you're going to eat it for me. You're favorite words are, "eat your cum for me" or "swallow it all for me". Yes, I know, I can tell, you started jerking faster when you heard me saying those words.
Stroke it loser. I know you love jerking to my hot body when you know you're going to eat your cum for me. You're addicted to eating your cum, losers often are. I know you're starting to crave it, you can't wait to swallow every drop for me.
Edge for me. I want you to build up a huge load to eat for me. And I know you want that too. It feels so good to stroke to me while I remind you of your cum eating addiction. Every single stroke feels so good. You're getting so close.
I want you to cum in your hand for me loser. You're going to cum so much knowing you're about to eat it. Catch it all in your hand, every fucking drop. Now look at me in the eyes while you slurp it up. I know that will make you feel so stupid. Look into my eyes while you lick up every drop from your palm. Watch me laugh at you, you stupid cum eating loser LOL!
Added: 2/25/19
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Lick Your Palm Clean While I Laugh At You Loser
Lick Your Palm Clean While I Laugh At You Loser



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