Sissy Tom

Start the clip by telling me to make sure I'm dressed up --- i have panties, stockings, garter belts, and bras, so some combination of those --- and make sure I'm wearing makeup. You then proceed to instruct me to service my two biggest dildos at once to simulate being fucked by two alpha men. Please intoxicate me with to help me relax my ass and lower my inhibitions, and have me use both my ass and mouth on the dildos, including ass-to-mouth and deepthroating, getting my makeup messy, and alternating between the two dildos so that I'm giving both of them attention. In the end you instruct me to shoot my load into my face and eat it.
Throughout the clip, please use my name (Tom) and call me things like "sissy," "faggot," "cockslut," etc. Please also draw lots of attention to your ass and breasts and give me lots of feminization talk, like "you wish you had tits like these," "you wish you were a hot woman like me so you could attract actual men to serve.
Price: $15.99 USD

Sissy Tom
Sissy Tom



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