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Stop and Stare

From underneath My desk, you hear the long awaited glorious sound of My high heeled footsteps walking in. your eyes are finally blessed with the sight of My gorgeous legs as they step into your view from beneath My desk. you are nothing but My amusement, My object kept here to live your life in surrender, chastity and worship to Me. you have the honour of being in whatever service I require of you whilst always knelt naked at My feet. This morning, I had unlocked your chastity cage and left you to your own empty longing for My control. you missed it, the feeling of My constant power over you. Luckily for you, you obeyed Me and did not dare to play or cum without My permission and now that I have returned its time to start My little game.
Since all you do is stare at Me from under there, that is exactly what you are going to do to as I guide you into your much anticipated and rare release under My control. you are to obey, stroke, stop and stare when I say. I want to build up as much cum as possible for your release, so you have a huge load of mess to clean up after for My amusement. Only when I command at the end of My long countdown will you finally let go under My complete control. On your knees, kiss My superior soles in deep gratitude for this high honour, slave.
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Stop and Stare
Stop and Stare



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