» » NO Choice You're eating it

NO Choice You're eating it

There's no question about it. You're going to do exactly as I say today. You're going to devour your own cum filled balls and be totally humiliated in the process. There's no excuses, you're a fucking losers and that's exactly what fucking losers do.
I don't care if it feels you with dread, I'm not interested if it turns your stomach and makes you want to vomit and I most certainly don't want to hear that this is your first time because if it is, it will be the first of many times you eat it, do you understand. You will follow my clear instructions and you will please me at that finish line. I want your mouth cum filled, I want your breath a strong stench of stale cum and I want you to feel totally and utterly pathetic as you gulp all your spunk down your throat.

NO Choice You're eating it
NO Choice You're eating it



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