» » Dr Wolfe Guides you to Release

Dr Wolfe Guides you to Release

you began conversing via email with world-renowned sex-therapist, Dr Janira Wolfe, quite awhile ago now, but never felt ready to actually go get help...until today. It's been years now since your last orgasm, your last real erection, and you've been tolerating it to the best of your ability, but today you finally snapped. you called Dr Wolfe to see if She had any availability, and luckily for you She had a cancellation just before your call...
you get to Dr Wolfe's office and sit and immediately you know you've made the right decision. Dr Wolfe reviews your situation, and asks you about your attempts at bringing yourself to erection and release. It doesn't take the expert long to figure out what's going on: you grew up rather sheltered, and all you know about masturbation is what you heard from friends over the years... but what you never thought long enough to realize is: you're not like most men. In fact, when you actually think about it, you don't really feel like a man at all! you're not quite sure what you are, but that doesn't matter yet, you'll have several more sessions with Dr Wolfe to address who you are. This session is about getting release, and doing it in a way that actually makes sense for you.
Price: $45.59 USD

Dr Wolfe Guides you to Release
Dr Wolfe Guides you to Release



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