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Sissy Degrading Instructions

Mistress Jessica genuinely gets off on humiliation, it's her number one fetish. So when one of her pets offers themselves up, not just to be humiliated, but begging to be verbally degraded and made to perform perverted acts, it pushes Miss' buttons , and makes for an erotic and sexually charged scene. Miss puts her pet through the ringer on this one, giving extended blowjob and ass fucking instructions, while twisting the knife and pointing out how she makes her sissy worship a rubber cock in ways she'd never let them touch their own little clitty. This sissy asked not only to be verbally degraded, but also has a fetish for consuming Miss' body fluids.. So Miss Jess keeps her sissy motivated to keep sucking by spitting and drooling on the camera in POV, then making her clean out her well fucked pussy and ass in close up POV, and finally by squirting a big mess all over the camera and floor for her sissy to lick up. Miss gets so worked up at all the humiliation she cums 3 separate times. After she cums, she's so well satisfied that her sissies orgasm is almost an afterthought, and Miss plays with the idea of flat out denying the orgasm after nearly an hour of edging tortur. But the temptation of notching her belt by making another pathetic little subby eat their mess is too much, and Miss conducts a quick cum countdown, timing her final orgasm to her sissy licking up their load. Just a warning, by request this clip uses degrading language throughout like bitch, faggot, etc that may not appeal to everyone.
Price: $34.99 USD

Sissy Degrading Instructions
Sissy Degrading Instructions

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