Cum Shame

Every single time you stroke there is only one ending for you and that is to clean up after your disgusting self and as a stroke addict you have a constant flow of your own cum trickling down the back of your neck remind yourself each and every time of what a lowly little loser you are.
I want you to really experience what a true loser tastes like. I want you to get a whole mouth of it and savor every single drop. I want to tease you so horny that you ache for sheer humiliation. This is what you deserve, remember that. With every single stroke you are edging yourself nearer to a degrading, vile finish and this is what you are so desperate for.
You know its weird, you know yourself your fucked up but you can't bring yourself to take your hand away from your lowly dick. My body overpowers you, my voice controls you and your weak, desperate and horny. Stripping you of any dignity, to see your mouth full, with you gargling your own cum and reminding yourself of what a degenerate, vile cunt you are as you savor ever last drop like a good boy. The vicious cycle of a cum eater, you will be back before you know it.

Cum Shame
Cum Shame

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