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I'll twerk in your face and humiliate you to a pulp. Once the clock strikes 12, you'll be getting into the loser position for Me. I want you to cum all over your dumb little face. Don't wipe it off- I want you to go to bed like that and wake up to it tomorrow. I want you to start the new year off right!

New Year's Self Facial 2022
You’ll swallow your mess. Enjoy every lick! Every ounce of your cum must be cleaned up by your tongue. Taste your pleasure! Eat it ALL for Me!

White Christmas: ChristinaMAS 12
So your best friend's been fucking your girlfriend and you've decided you want in on the action, right? Well, we both know how badly you want to be his little bitch and suck his superior cock so I'm going to show you just how to do that.

Sucking off your best bro - BJ tutorial
All of your weakness are laid out before you in this mesmerizing femdom POV JOI. My deep cleavage has you hooked, my panties are sheer and tiny, my nylons and garter belt make you so enamored. You want to follow my instructions. You ache for my control. I know that you’re into a few kinky things. I know that what makes you weakest is to feel a little penetrated, vulnerable, open, used.

Mesmerizing Sensual Prostate Play & CEI
You've been so horny and you've been wanting to jerk off... and eat your cum! Naughty boy ;) I tell you to jerk off for me, I show you my little body, tease you with it, play with my pussy... I tell you to be a good boy and slow down and go fast a few times, I'm helping you build up a big load. I finally tell you to stroke fast and count down from 10 until you cum in your hand. Your milk is so warm, eat it fast and swallow! Good boy :)

Gala MV - Eat your cum JOI/CEI
Your sexy BFF Clara doesn't believe you when you tell her how big your dick is. You make her a bet that if it's big, she has to give you a blowjob, but if it's small, you have to eat your own cum. But it turns out, you weren't measuring properly and your dick isn't as big as you thought. She makes you eat your cum out of a shot glass, while laughing at you and filming you.

Lost A Dick Size Bet CEI
You want some attention don't you? Well I'm marking papers, I'm a busy woman. You just want to touch that cock don't you? Then how about you touch yourself for me, I'd like to see how you look with your cock in your hand, stroking it, teasing it.... Build up a nice big load for me, play with your balls, make it last. You know what else would be really hot?

AlannaVcams - Eat It For Me