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you're going to be a good little cum slut, and swallow every last little drip

Swallow For Your Goddess
what better way to do that, than to make him jerk off to his favorite one, then cum all over that picture and lick it all up?

A lil task for my porn magazine addict

Added: 1/9/20
A cleanup bitch that will lick up any cum I bless you with from my sexual adventures.

Cuckold Condom Eating
Normally I would tell you to put your disgusting little dick away, but since I need a new vape I'll make you a deal.

Edging And Humiliating My Splenda Daddy
You're going to go thru these CEI cum task challenge one at a time making yourself the more of a sissy cum whore than you ever imagined.

Your obsession for my breasts must be reinforced regardless of whether you want to eat your cum.

Lost In My Tits
I got laid last night, and I kept the condom full of alpha seed, just for you. I

Condom Cum Eater

Added: 1/5/20