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You are so weak for Me, you do anything I say. I have you swallowing your nasty jazz even. Never did you think you would be licking up loads but here you are eager to do it again. You have learned to cherish the moments preceding you slurping up your spludge. The anticipation is half the fun, you don't even know fully what is in store for you. All you need to know is you will be eating your cum by the end of this clip.

Goddess Gracie Haze - Savour It - CEI
I’ve been in the shower and you’ve been tasked with organizing my panties. It doesn’t surprise me that your little, virgin willy is hard. How cute! You’re such a pathetic wanker for Goddess Eva. Don’t leak any precum on my silk panties. Lick it up!

Eva de Vil - My Cum Eating Virgin (Topless)
Welcome back subby. It's day 4 of eating your cum. By now you should know what to expect. Jerk, obey, and get ready to swallow. My training has begun to kick in, exactly the way it was meant to. You can feel my control and power sink into your soul a little deeper with every clip you watch, with every load you swallow at my command.

MavenMay - Cumslut Training Day 4
Pappi, you know you're not allowed in my room, yes Pappi I'm in my lingerie...it's what I wear to bed, actually this set is new I bought it with my lunch money wanna see? Oh dear Pappi, you're getting hard again aren't you? Pappi, you're interrupting my study, but I have a proposal for you....every time you jerk off to me, every time you do it in front of me you have to eat your own cum off your hot little old man hands!

Bijou Steal - Dear Pappi You're My Cum Eating Perv
Hello, you desperate little slut. We know you’re aching to touch your cock for Mistress Cherry Torn. She’s wearing a black, shiny PVC dress, holding a riding crop and you’re her greedy, horny toy that she’s going to inspect and instruct in her dungeon.

Cherry Torn - Mistress Torn's Dungeon
Open up! Everyone's favourite Christmas snack is getting a pervy twist this holiday season. Jerk furiously to Me in this gorgeous lingerie and corset set, my gorgeous ass, everything about Me looks GORGEOUS today, and its just too easy to get you eating out of the palm of my hand. Or, your hand? Prepare a glass of milk, and a cookie. Get ready to do exactly as I say.

Latex Barbie - Milk And Cookie CEI
You are a CUM DUMPSTER. I am training you to be my little cock sucking cum swallower. You deserve to be on your knees, slurping up cum while having a huge load shot in your ass. I want you to be filled with cum for me. You’re such a faggot cum dumpster.

Candy Glitter - Cum Dumpster