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Don't worry after he cums I'll spit all of the cum over my feet and toes and make you lick it up.

Cheating on my Smelly Foot Loving Loser
From now on your life will consist of constant frustration and denial.

Frustration And Denial
“Get ready for step-daddy” As I feel the shower of cum cascade over me.

Turning you Gay: Obey Nikki
When I see his hard cock, My mouth waters and My pussy drips. You on the other hand, you have to pay Me ...

Cum Eating Class : Taste the Pre Cum
... you WILL eat it... because no one should ever be subjected to your filth.

New Slave Initiation
This isn’t a task for the first time timid cum eaters.

Experienced Cum Eaters Only
It is his protein that you will be ingesting

Gym Protein