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If you complete the 7 day challenge, come back to reap your reward, that is if she chooses to give you one

Weeks Worth Craving To Cum
You have 2 minutes to jerk yourself into a frenzy then resume the loser position and cum all over that pathetic face of yours

Schritt für Schritt Anweisungen wie du deine Lusttropfen immer wieder aufleckst.

Ruinierter Orgasmus sauschwer gemacht mit Anweisungen
.I do enjoy laughing at you eat your own orgasm.

Eat Cum for My Ass
I'll let you cover them in cum, so you better have a really big load for me, then you'll poke that tongue out and begin licking up and down and slurp it all until there is no cum left on my breasts.

Lick your cum off my round boobs
I let you cum on my feet, but first you have to eat the cum from my male friend.

Cuck foot worship
I want you covered in dried cum as your back starts to ache and you wish you could straighten your legs!

Cuck Driver Gets Punished