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You are going to order me to cum twice right into my mouth & prove me that I love to taste a long long time my own cum in my mouth by making play with my two cumshots at the same time

Sex Therapist Makes You Eat Your Cum

Added: 5/31/19
Even if I am not explicitly telling you to eat your cum in a clip, you must ALWAYS eat it.

Life Long Cum Eater - Punishment
All it takes to please your Mistress is one vile mouthful of boy goo.

Eat Your Own Cum for Me
That's what virgin bitches have to do. Gobble it all up.

CEI Virgin for Life

Added: 7/3/19
Your task is to shoot that bitch back and guzzle your own cum!

Bottoms Up

Added: 7/1/19
I count you down, make you cum on the floor and lick it up, and then reinterate that you will not say one word or things will end very badly for you sooner than not.

The Widow Maker
Throughout the instruction you occasionally make me stop jerking and display my penis for your inspection, if you notice pre-cum you make me taste it.

Kinky Sex Therapist Edging

Added: 5/8/19