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Glaze Your Face With Your Own Cum

I want you to go get a gag. And then I want you to go get a big cup. Next I want you to put that gag in your mouth and start jerking. I'm giving you permission to jerk to me on your screen. Pump it for me loser. Jerk it to what you'll never have. We're going to build up a nice big orgasm because I want you to fill that cup in front of you with your cum.
And I know you want to please me so you're going to jerk that cock and fill that cup for me with that gag deep inside your stupid loser mouth while you wonder what's about to happen to you. And if you don't fill it, you might need to cum again and again until that cup is absolutely full with your disgusting jizz.
Now I know you're still wondering what's going to happen with that cup of cum and why you have a ball gag in your mouth. But you can't even speak to ask me. I love you like this, stupid, horny and gagged. Don't hold back, I want you to explode in that cup.
Now I want you to pour that cum all over your pathetic face with that gag in your mouth. I want you to paste and glaze your face with your own spunk, cover every inch. You're not going to eat it, that's too easy. I want you to cover your stupid face, cover your eyes while you sit there feeling pathetic, unable to even speak. Just a cum covered mess. You're a fucking loser and you deserve to wear your cum on your face.
And you're going to do this because I said so and you're nothing but a weak loser who deserves to be degraded in the worst ways. You'll do anything a hot alpha female tells you to do because you can't resist being humiliated by me, can you? The more degrading the more you crave it.
Added: 4/30/19

Glaze Your Face With Your Own Cum
Glaze Your Face With Your Own Cum



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