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You Will Obey

It is only right that you suffer for Me.Only right that your intense physical pleasure is combined with genuine mental surrender. If you CUM for Me you clean it up like the base creature you are. It’s simple. And It’s arousing to know do you are HELPLESS but to OBEY My commands. I make sure your balls and Dick are so very FULL of CUM, My tits and ass and confidence filling you up with CUM....and you WILL no matter what you’ve done in the past gobble it up...THIS time you will OBEY.
Sometimes I sweetly encourage you, making your cum taste delicious. Sometimes I delectably humiliate you forcing you to eat your repugnant cock snot. This time I don’t care about managing your thoughts or feelings or expectations. This time you will simply OBEY. You will comply. You will do exactly as I say because I WANT YOU TO do it. Because it is the right thing to do. And because deep under my mesmerising control you have no choice but to obey. Literally mesmerised by the desire I deliberately build inside of you.
Of course I make it easy thanks to My incredibly hot body. As I move, teasing you, as I slowly strip the need to please Me increases. I make you understand that you are not worthy of Me of My beauty of My intelligence. I make you understand the you do not deserve to stroke, you do not deserve to cum, Not to a woman as beautiful as Me. And so it is only right that the incredible pleasure I give you is balanced out with the sacrifice of eating your cum.
Added: 10/12/19
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You Will Obey
You Will Obey



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