» » Eat your cum for My breasts

Eat your cum for My breasts

You like My big round breasts, I can tell. I bet you'd love to stroke them, to touch My nipples, to run your fingers down the center of My deep cleavage. Look at how hard and excited you are. What I like is when men put My pleasure above theirs. I like a man that obeys My orders not only when he is aroused, but also after an orgasm.
So I know you want to wank, to stroke that hungry cock of yours as you stare at your Goddess's voluptuous tits. I'll let you jerk, ok, but only if you obey and follow one simple rule: you must promise to eat all the cum you spurt out as your eyes fixate upon and worship My big beautiful breasts. you can't say "no" to me, so hold out your hand, stroke your cock, cum and then lick everything. Lick up every drop you spill for the privilege of worshiping My breasts!
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Eat your cum for My breasts
Eat your cum for My breasts



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