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The second time you shoot your sticky hot cum Tina wants you to lick it up and swallow every drop!

Sticky Hot Cum
Hello my little cum dumpster. I’ll bet you never thought you’d enjoy being called that, did you? But that’s exactly what you are. I’ve been turning you into a little cum addict. But it serves a purpose, it’s not just to humiliate you, it’s to train you to crave it, to associate the feeling of orgasm with the taste of cum. And soon your cum won’t be enough. Oh you know exactly where this is heading, don’t you? I’m going to make you gulp the cum of other men.

Cum Dumpster Reprogramming, Eat Yours And His

Added: 11/16/18
Even when I make you cum directly into your own mouth, you still don't swallow.


Added: 11/5/18
... the only reason I agreed to date you is to make you eat your own cum...

Special Sauce: Vegan Missy Tricks You into Swallowing Cum
Every time a little dollop forms at the head of your penis, you are to eat it as instructed.

Ooze, Eat & Repeat

Added: 3/29/18
I'm feeling like you need to show me what a cum slut you are. You need to follow my sexy body and my sweet voice into complete submission of eating your own cum.

Cum Eating Instruction
She fucks your mind so hard you remember nothing else but when you wake up there is definite taste of CUM in your MOUTH.

Therapeutic Humiliation

Added: 9/21/18