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if you want to cum, you're gonna have to take it like a real slut: in your mouth!

School Jock or Sissy Slut?
I encourage you to clean the cum off my toes by licking it up!


Get ready to embrace your official role as my cum dumpster.

Goddess Arabelle Makes You A Cocksucker

Added: 5/11/20
Time to get naked now. Point that cock right at your face, stick your tongue out, and get ready for a delicious .

Piss Guzzling
You’re going to drink so much cum in fact that it will be your only source of nutrients.

Cum-Guzzling Slut
Whether you admit it or not, you want to taste your hot, salty load.

Humiliate Yourself for Me
I ordered you to do disgusting and degrading stuff is gonna make you cum.

Twice In The Face