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Hi Charlotte! As discussed per mail. I’d love a bratty kind of body worship combined with light cuckolding and a cei. Maybe talk about how hot you are and you can fuck any guy you want, but you won’t fuck me.

Miss Charlotte Elise - Leather Jacket Goddess Worship & CEI
I want you to know I think your perfect and I want you to eat your own cum for me I know you want it I know you can do it! Go ahead when I count down from 10 I want you to get it ALL straight in your mouth!

MillieMillz - Straight in your mouth CEI
orn addict, loser, virgin. All words that resonate with you. It's who and what you are and have always been destined to be. I am here to remind you of exactly what you will never have for being such a disgusting hand-humping loser.

Miss Flora Vanity - Virgin Loser For Life
I show you all the ways you can give yourself autofelaticio and of course what would autofelatio be without a nice big creamy load to eat.

Your stepmom informs you that your dad is gone and that you should show her how you touch yourself. Then, she goes off on this tangent about how she won’t tel your dad that you walked in on her changing if you jerk off and eat your load…. only, you never walked in on her.

From day 1 jerking has always been your #1 coping mechanism. If you were upset about something, you'd just hide away in your favourite quiet place, take out your cock and pump. Pump until your brain went numb and you forgot about your problems, even if only for a short while.

Goddess Ally Etana - Jerk your Problems Away
Hello Sir, welcome to the Cum Clinic! I am your nurse today and I will give you JOI and testicles massage instructions so you can produce a big load of sperm. I will also put on green gloves and massage your prostate while you stroke your penis and stimulate your scrotum to help you ejaculate.

cat_on_show - Nurse gives you JOI and CEI
You walk in on your step-sister with no panties, she threatens to tell step-mom at first but then thinks of a better way to deal with it. She wants you to jerk off that hard-on in your pants and then eat your own cum for her entertainment.

This session will begin with very specific commands- sit, lay down, roll over, paw... the basics. I expect that my good boy will keep up.

Kendi Olsen - Be A Good Boy JOI
How many times have you watched cum eating instruction clips and found yourself not completely finishing the task that has been commanded of you??

Lexi Luxe - CEI for Wimps