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Watch me make my little cum slut sub eat his own offering off of a spoon- after all, who could resist a goddess like myself?

CEI Adventure
This CEI gem ends with a countdown to a self-facial. Let's see what kind of cum slut you are.

DommeTomorrow - CUM GUZZLER
I’ve got a very busy day today. So, I don’t have time to guide you through a long jerk off session. You’re going to get a quick little maintenance orgasm. If you don’t already have your hand on your cock, you better get started. If you don’t cum before the end of this video, you don’t get to cum at all.

Maintenance O
You watched too much porn, and one day you asked your Mistress if she thinks that it's ok to like shemales. Little you knew that you next session will become your initiation, and your Mistress will turn you into a faggot, something you secretly wanted to be, but was scared to admit even to yourself. But it is happening now, you are becoming a faggot, and you are learning how to suck a shemale cock.

The night you became a cock sucking faggot. Femdom JOI,CEI.
Teasing and tormenting you, making you jack off for me and eat that spunk.

Edging Cum Eating Instructions
You just love panties, but not in the way most men do. You don't foam at the mouth for a woman in panties, nor do you enjoy wearing them. It's the scent. It leaves you addicted, and I want to see it. Follow my directions and I promise you will enjoy every moment of it.

JOI and CEI for Panty Sniffers