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You're going to gobble up your cum for D4ddy today, all the while sucking Me off. Multi-tasking, amiright? Bon Apetit!

Goddess Alessa - Finger Licking Good
Nasty little brats make you weak .. weak enough to eat your own cum. I'll guide you to heaven and even give you a snack, make sure you thank me as you slurp up your delicious treat cumslut.

AlphaOlly - Brat Makes You Her CumSlut C.E.I
You look a little nervousĀ¦ a little un-well actually. I think you need something specific today, not just your average jerk off instruction clip. I think you need your own personal remedy. That's it! I think you need to eat your own cum today! It's going to make you feel ALLLL better.

Princess Lyne - Personalized Remedy CEI
Hi again! It's day FIVE of eating you cum for me! I know how eager you are to swallow for Princess. You NEED to hear my words, my training worming its way inside your head, your cock, your tastebuds. Your cumslut journey is almost over. Only two days left, and you will be a certified, grade A CUMSLUT. So let's get started, you know the drill.

MavenMay - Cumslut Training Day 5
Seeing as you're so hesitant to eat your cum, I'm going to train it into you, with a series of cock teasing ruined releases. You'll get hornier and hornier as time goes on and you are denied a full release...unless you eat it of course.

London Lix - Ruined CEI Training
You're going to listen to my instructions today. You will be under my control and when I command you, you will cum. Not just once, but twice. The first time to my feet and the second to my tits. I will also command you to eat it both times, in certain ways. You will be following all my rules. Obey Bratty Bunny.

I'm a little confused. You let me borrow your laptop because mine broke and you didn't even try to hide it? I see you're blushing, you already know what I'm talking about. They were right there for me to find, CEI, cum eating instructions. I didn't even know that was a thing. But that's what you like, isn't it? I always knew there was something a little off about you. I mean, who likes eating their own cum besides a disgusting little loser? You have so many videos of girls telling you to stroke and eat it and well yea, I watched a couple. They get you to cum so that you can eat it in front of them?? Do you actually do it? Do you really follow through?

Lucid Lavender - I Found Your CEI Videos...