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You can either gargle your own cum or have your relationship ruined. Which one?

Punishing My BFF's BF
You need to do something truly submissive and truly disgusting. And you have to do it twice!

Double CEI Cult Initiation
You are going to eat that cum right now too, don't think you have escaped this!

CEI by Danni King
You are Sydney's cum slut. And you are about to get super kinky in a public restroom.

You'll do anything to cum, even swallow a big, fat load of your own cum, that salty splooge running down your throat just for the sake of cumming.

My Tits Are Porn, Eat Your Cum For Porn
I want you to taste your own filth, for me.

Sticky Delights  Wet T-shirt
If you were of sound mind and body you would never agree to the things I'm about to make you say or do, but that's not the case when you're kneeling before me is it?

The Devil Made Me Do It