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You need to earn your orgasm. You will jerk and jerk and jerk for me until you are begging cum. I will not allow you to cum until you agree to eat your own cum

Jasmine laughs at how pathetic you are, telling you to fill your entire mouth with cum and then to gargle it just for her amusement.

Jasmine Owns Your Dick
... faster and faster so if you fail you will have to clean up your mess with your tongue!!

Chastity Challenge To Fuck Me Or CEI
You're gonna jerk off into this jar of mayo and then I'm gonna feed you your own pig snot...

Princess Amber Forcefeeds the Fat Fuck His Disgusting Pig Snot
How could one possible EAT THEIR CUM in a classy manner?

Classy CEI
She loves nothing more than watching boys shoot their entire load directly into the back of their filthy throats.

Cum Catcher

You’re going to be so hot for it… lying there, jerking your cock, drawing yourself up so close to your own mouth.

Suck It, Savor It, Swallow It All Down