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Allow yourself to become a melty puddle for me with a quick induction. It’s easy. Notice how submissive you are to my words. It’s so easy to take you down, put you in the perfect headspace. I can make you so agreeable. My words can make you do anything. You are so eager to consume that you’re practically doing all the work for me. You just need a little convincing, a little push.

Slurp Your Stuff II
Inhale my toxic sissy vapor. Let is consume you. You no longer have a butthole, that is your pussy now. Your dick, that is your clit now. All your male features are now feminine slutty features. Enhance them, lay on your back feet up in the air, legs spread. Jerk and tweek your nipples, keep jerking. Now my sissies eat their cum, use their cum as lotion and use their cum as an at home douche. These are simple tasks a naughty siss like you should be able to handle. Now give me everything you got!

3 Ways Sissies Use Cum
I've been talking about how I own every single one of your orgasms. I inspire so many of them that I've claimed ownership. Each and every single episode should be appreciated and treasured. I'm going to help you treasure the delicacy that I inspire and allow. Look upon my light, obey my directions, find a comfortable seat, and follow along.

Treasure Delicacy
Oops! Did I catch you jacking off? No, don't stop! It's really hot when you do it how I tell you, so play with your nips, look into my eyes, and cum all over yourself when the countdown gets to zero! You know what else I think is really hot? When you get some on your fingers and taste it :)

Cum On Yourself and Taste it JOI
Today is a JOI game where your fate is decided by a game of Rock Paper Scissors! We play 10 rounds, and depending how many you win, you might get to cum, you might get denied, or you might get a different punishment. You'll have to play to find out!

JOI July 18 - Cum or Punishment JOI Game
I tease you, mercilessly. I tell you exactly how to play with your cock, watching it get harder and harder....then I count you down as your fight your urge to cum, till you cum all over your own face!

AlannaVcams - CEI For You
I love destroying guys like you. I love using My sculpted legs and Big Ass to tease, torment, and destroy porn addicts just like yourself. It's time you got what you deserve... I know it's impossible for you to look away, and that the more you watch the more stupid you become. I'm going to leave you mentally drained and physically and sexually frustrated while I use you financially and humiliate you.

Destroyed By Amanda