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All for my amusement! Lets see if you can handle this one! Level 2!

Humiliatrix Tasks LEVEL 2
From the very first moment you laid eyes on Me, you thought "Now there is a woman who could make me eat my own cum."

Gulp Jizz for Goddess
I had so much fun getting you to recycle your semen for me the other week, now you've sampled the taste it's time you get some practice in with your aiming.

Bullseye CEI
How does it end, slave? What twist awaits you? Rewards or punishment. Nervous? Don't be. Relax into the abyss.

Final Addiction: Training Part 5

Added: 9/23/19
Covered in my cum, and your own cum, I then instruct you to lick up every last drop...

Anal Recruit Slut Training Part 2
Did you think you'd never get caught? How long have you been eating your own jizz? What kind of man are you?

Caught By Your Wife