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I know how you love to be a good girl for me, don't you? You'll do anything to hear those words from me. Today that means being the sluttiest little whore you can be, you're going to dress up, rub your little clitty, and then swallow down every last drop of that cum for me!

Princess Kaelin - Good sissies swallow
Oh, you poor little dicked cuckold boy you want to suck his nine inch cock, dont you? Its a perfect job for you. little dicked losers have a place you cant please anyone else but yourself with that little thing. I have guys with nice dick, I dont need yours but I do need a cuckold who is going to be my fluffer and cleanup slut. Come on, you know you want to!!

MissFreudianSlit - Convincing You To Be My Cuckold
This is the last clip I ever filmed with my pre-surgery boobs, and as such, the last topless clip of mine ever. I decided we needed to go all out to worship these tits goodbye, so I begin in lace and leather, stripping down to shiny pasties, and finally cover my topless tits in oil. I encourage multiple edges, and give you jerk off instructions for these boobs.

London Lix - Final Topless Tit Worship
In this video, I wear sexy baby blue lingerie with a temporary Queen of Spades tattoo between my breasts. I tease you with my body throughout, but there is no nudity (you don’t deserve it…). Whilst I am absolutely a Domme in this video, I am gentle and kind. There is humiliation and domination, but it’s not harsh, angry, or cruel, it’s gentle, sensual and sexy.

Kaidence King - QOS Whiteboy Cuckold JOI CEI
All of my good boys do exactly as I say and are as obedient as possible. You are going to beat it and then eat it! Always do what I say and never fight me on that.

Goddess JessiBelle - Beat It and Eat It - Redux
Your gonna clean up the big load fired over my pussy....get down here you pathetic cuck and clean up all this alpha males spunk.

CutieDaisyMay093 - Cuck clean up
You’re about to attempt your first 24 hours in chastity. Time to tease you into subspace as I tell you all the details about making it through your first day in your cage.

Crystal Knight - 1st Day In Chastity