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Do it! Quick! When I say. Quick! Quick! Quick! EAT IT!!!

Bratty Bunny - QUICK EAT IT
You are going to be totally addicted to eating cum for Me. You are going to be a cum eater for life! From now on you are a cum eater forever, always returning back to Me. It's easy for Me to manipulate you into doing this dirty nasty act for Me. You love being My little cum slut always slurping up jizz for Me!

Goddess Gracie Haze - Cum Eater Forever
So I hear you like to eat your cum every now and again! Well guess what slut?! Whenever you are in my presence you WILL eat your cum. Open wide…here comes a big load…straight down the hatchet it goes :)

Samantha Foxx - Bon appetite!
I'm going to take control and train you up to be a good little cum slut for me. There are 6 stages to this training and at each stage I will make you go further and further for me.
Eventually, you'll get used to eating your own cum as a well-trained little cum slut.

Miss Alika White - Cum Slut Training: Stage 5
Covert expert hipn0sis combined with super sexy seduction means you will be doing exactly what I want - and tonight slave that means eating your CUM and most importantly genuinely enjoying it.

Madam Violet - Cum Eating Psychological Reframen
Obsession sure is a slippery slope, huh? You are just so in love with Me, so willing to snatch up every little crumb I leave out for you hungry, horny hand humpers. Just one look at Me in this powerful, shiny black outfit makes your dicklet throb. You may ask yourself, why?

Latex Barbie - Stroke & Slurp
Hello, dashing hero. Are you lost? No, I imagine you found exactly who you were looking for. My name is Medusa, Queen of the Gorgons. Step inside my abode, brave hero. While I wear my mask, you’ll come under no spell from me. You are safe. Have you come to end me, hero?

Goddess Alexandra Snow - Medusa's Enchantment