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This is a creative way to spice up your cum eating....

Condom CEI Training
I want you try a little cum eating instructions today.

30 Day B-Day 21: Cum Eating Instructions
You've been waiting at home patiently for my arrival with all the detail about my hot sex with my even hotter instructor.

Slutty Yoga Girlfriend
Cheerleaders only know wimps exist after seeing them bullied.

Beaten For Cheerleaders
...and then you're going to stroke vigorously again for me as I count you down to eating your cum for me... just as I tell you to, every last drop for me.

You're So Smitten; You'll Follow My Every Painful Command
Kat’s here to guide you through swallowing your own cum for the first time for her.

I Want you to Eat Cum for the First Time for Me
After you've sufficiently humiliated yourself I want you to ask me for one more load

Sissy Strokes and Cum Eating

Added: 1/10/20