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You love the cum-eating fantasy and enjoy CEI from pretty girls

Persuasive CEI
You fuck your ass and rub your cock through your panties and make a creamy mess inside. I only have one pair of panties so you'll need to tongue clean those before she gets here for the date!

Another devious game to get you to eat your own cum!

Cum Funnel
I think it's so hot to have you eat your load in front of me

Younger Girlfriend Gives You CEI
Hi slut! I hope you’re ready for this hot and naughty jerk off session I have planned for you.

Assgasm Then Eat It
Then - with that big cock still buried deep inside of you, you're going to push your face into your loser-puddle and lick up all your cum.

Lick Up Your Cum - With Cock In Your Bum
You had so much fun eating your own cum last time, so now we're just going to let things escalate.

Time to Pay Your Second Cum Tax