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What will lady luck have in store for you - will you ruin your own orgasm or eat up all your cum?

Roll the Dice
Now that I have you by the balls you're never going to cum again without eating it.

Blackmailed into CEI
Your mother... she makes you... Well, she always has. It's always been this way.

My Mother Makes Me Do It While Dads in the Next Room

Added: 10/15/19
You’ve never convinced yourself that cum will actually taste good?

Turning You Into A Cum Eater

Added: 11/15/19
I lay out explicit instructions during this 30 minute session, and if this doesn’t work… well then, I think you’re just a lost cause!

Milking Clinic for Compulsive Masturbation Therapy
My pussy doesn't taste like cum, you're being insane...just keep eating me. Mmm...that feels so good...oh god, yes, eat his cum right out of me!...what??

Cucked Into Cum Eating by Your Wife
You lie on back and open your mouth, lick your lips and get ready to receive, expensive, exclusive, addictive...

Michelin Starred Meal