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Bukkake Task Training
Show me how weak you can get for me, for my extraordinary designer black leather boots. See my chrome heel? Put it in your mouth like a good boy. Be my boot slut, indulge my boot fetish. I want you to continue stroking...

Black Leather Boots
You hungry cuckold faggot you know you are craving some jizz. Dreaming about eating the sperm of my lovers. But today you will wank and eat your sperm at my command.

Cuckold Faggot Cum Eater
Hi, tiny mouse. It's your lucky day! I'm going to be such a kind Cat, and allow you to worship Me. You may goon your tiny mouse dick away. You may drool over My gorgeous legs & stocking feet. Watch Me smoke. Eat My ash, like an obedient bitch. I love watching your nasty knob twitch from My delicious humiliation.

Cat & Mouse: Cum Eating Instructions
I know what you are, it's so easy to see. You're a little slut. Not just that, you're a cock loving cumslut. Look at you in that little skirt, it's far too tempting for me and my cock. But you need some work, since you don't wanna admit what you are. I paint your lips with some pretty pink lip gloss, perfect for a lil sissy princess like you.

You're Gonna Be My Little Slut
So Ive naturally started seeing your boss and turned you into our cuckold. You come home from work late into the night and find both me and your boss fucking hard in the living room. We turn giggle and then begin to bash you for being so pathetic, and asking if you finished all the work you were given including the chores I listed I needed done.

Cum Guzzling Cuckold!
You’re just a normal guy, right? Stroking your cock, getting off to a beautiful woman like every other guy.
You think you’d never be the loser with his knees over his head, cumming on his own face. Normal guys don’t do that!

Would a Normal Guy Do This?