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This is your one big shot to fuck me, but if you can't pass my little challenge without busting too soon...

Premature Sissy

Added: 1/25/19
I'll make you eat your words and your cum too.

Tricking You Into Eating Your Cum
If you cum prematurely you owe me a tax and you must lick it and start over. My dirty mouth and the way I move my body will have you pre cumming all over.

JOI Strip Tease with Extreme Edging

Added: 9/18/18
Let's play a little cum eating game. Strip down, lie down, and point your cock at your open mouth.

CEI Timer Game
I can tell your hungry, hungry for something tasty. I want you to eat your cum.

Edging CEI

Added: 2/1/19
I want you to play this video and a gay porno at the same time!

Finally, I'll make you eat your sticky puddle out of my hands because that's where it belongs, in your slutty mouth.

Yes Miss Eva CEI SPH

Added: 1/20/19